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Part Two: Internet vs. Traditional Car Buying - 8/1/2005
A veteran fleet saleswoman told us she would never walk onto a car lot if she wanted to buy a car because "those guys will always start at sticker." On the other hand, the Internet salesperson will hit you with a tempting price that may leave little room — or reason — to negotiate. (In several cases, we've found the opening quote from the Internet department to be close to — and just a little under — the Edmunds.com True Market Value® price.).....


Merchandising Your Way to Success on the Internet - 8/1/2005
The Internet is here to stay as a consumer automotive information and research tool. Its popularity is growing rapidly as its benefits are reaching more and more car buyers.....


Part One: Internet vs. Traditional Car Buying - 7/1/2005
The new entrance leads into the "virtual dealership." Shoppers can read car reviews, scope out photos and price their dream cars — all on the Internet. Which of these two paths to new car ownership result in a lower price for the consumer? And, which of these two approaches will be the most pleasant buying experience for shoppers? This article has two parts. The first will gather the opinions of several Internet car salespeople and describe the Internet sales experience for shoppers. The second article will test these opinions in real-world shopping conditions....


Looking for cars at home - 6/27/2005
Car companies have figured out that the rush of consumers to the Web represents an unstoppable force, and instead of resisting it, for the most part, they're starting to improve their Web sites and take control of the process......


The 2005 Used Car Market Report - 5/1/2005
Manhiem's In Depth Look at the Used Car Market ;its past, trends, and future......


Do Car Dealers "Best Equipped" to Sell to the Internet Shopper Make More Profit? A Question Stimulated by this Edmunds.Com Report - 4/5/2005
Car dealers equipped with the most modern technology are likely to be the best places for Internet users to buy their cars, according to Edmunds.com......


J.D. Power and Associates Reports: Automotive Internet Shoppers Increasingly Satisfied with the Usefulness of Manufacturer Web Sites - 2/2/2005
....the expectations of Internet automotive shoppers continue to increase, they also continue to give record-high ratings to auto manufacturer Web sites, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2005 Manufacturer Web Site Evaluation Study......


The Internet's Affect on Advertising - 10/4/2004
Forget all that talk about ad dollars going online. What's more important is that we're beginning to see how the internet's cost-per-click pricing is starting to affect traditional agencies. Accountability has been a buzzword in advertising for only a short time, about as long as interactive media shops have been siphoning ad dollars from print and broadcast.


Cyber Lots: Do Not Have to Give Cars Away! - 10/1/2004
His creation ... is now the top preowned Internet dealer for the last two years, now owned by Metro Auto Wholesale in Portland Oregon sells over 250 cars per month just off the Internet.... One of first projects as a Dealer Principal owning my own store was to create my own "Cyber Lot"....My advice is for Dealers Principals and General Managers to sit down in a meeting and really take a look at was is going on around them. They need to put good money towards a real "Cyber Lot"


Shoppers Cruise to Auto Sites - 9/24/2004
2004 study from J.D. Power and Associates of nearly 29,000 new car-focused consumers found that while most (58 percent) vehicle buyers start with an independent auto site.....J.D. Power and Associates found that roughly half of the survey respondents said their make/model decision and the price paid/offered were impacted by automotive information found on the Internet, up from about 40 percent in 2002. Also, 22 percent of new vehicle buyers also say the Internet impacted their choice of dealer -- up from 14 percent in 2002.

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