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The “Internet Generation” Feels Free To Buy Cars - 8/9/2002
“[The site] let me see what I could get realistically,” . . . Online used car sales were expected to rise from 3 percent in 1999 to over 40 percent in 2004, according to International Data Corp. projections.


The Motoring Market & The Internet - 5/1/2002
62% of all new vehicle buyers are turning to the Internet for automotive information while shopping for their vehicle. (2001 J.D. Power and Associates)

43% of all used vehicle buyers use the Internet as part of the vehicle shopping process

shoppers go online for automotive information before they begin visiting dealers.

Automotive Internet users tend to be more active, aggressive shoppers than non Internet users. They also tend to earn more money and purchase more expensive vehicles.


Report: Automotive Website Traffic Still Strong - 5/1/2002
. . . more consumers than ever before are visiting manufacturer and dealer sites. . . Traffic to dealer sites improved to 48 percent, up from 46 percent in 2001, representing a 55 percent increase since 1999. . . Of the 60 percent of new-vehicle buyers who use the Internet while shopping, 88 percent visit automotive Web sites before arriving at a dealership for a test drive.


One key technology that manufacturers are embracing is the Internet. - 4/1/2002
One key technology that manufacturers are embracing is the Internet. In 2000, over 84 percent of manufacturers were online . . . "Workers employed in manufacturing plants with more technologies earn 63 percent more than workers in plants using less."

South Carolina - 88.4% online ranked 8th in the nation.


J.D. Power and Associates Reports: Internet Usage Among New-Vehicle Buyers Continues to Increase - 11/26/2001
Sixty-two percent of all new-vehicle buyers are turning to the Internet for automotive information while shopping for their vehicle. . . "The best way for a manufacturer to drive traffic to its Web site is to feature the site as part of its traditional advertising campaign," said Denove. "Companies such as BMW and Isuzu that instituted offline campaigns to drive customers to their Web site saw the largest increases in automotive Internet usage." . . . 6 percent of all new vehicles were sold through an online buying service


Auto Shoppers Increase Internet Use - 4/19/2000
General Internet usage by new vehicle buyers - US Average 57.7% Internet Usage for vehicles purchased through internet buying services - US average 3.0% . . . Leads dealers get through their web sites also seem to be solid, . . . 77% intended to purchase a vehicle in the next year.


Buying Services Helping Car Dealers Close Deals - 4/10/2000
Twice as many automotive dealers are using independent online buying services to assist with the new-vehicle sales process compared to 1999 results, according to J.D. Power and Associates.


U.S. Baby Boomers and Seniors are fastest growing Internet demographic group - 4/4/2000
The number of baby boomers and seniors on the Internet grew by 18.4 percent last year, making them the fastest growing Internet population


Online Automobile Market Continues Maturation - 3/2/2000
As the automobile industry tries to figure where the Internet fits in with its business model, market research has found that more dealers are going online, and consumers may actually prefer to interact online early in the shopping experience.


Internet Advertising Analysis Part 4; Media and Internet Use - 1/1/1999
. . . roughly half of all Internet ad spending will come from the pockets of traditional media. Newspapers have probably the most to lose as a result of increased Internet usage and ad spending. The high power ratio of newspapers makes us worry that time spent with newspapers is not high enough to justify the current level of ad spending on newspapers . . .
“New” vs. “Old”: Using the effective CPM pricing of about $4, Internet advertising compares favorably with traditional media.

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